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Key Finders

Key Finders are the perfect accessory for your handbag. Key Finders are displayed with the decorative side hanging on the outside of your handbag or wallet, securely. Your keys are not visible, but are tucked away on the inside of your handbag. The key finder not only accents your bag, but it provides a safety convenience by knowing that your keys are accessible at all times. Key finders eliminate the need to search through your handbag for your keys, while being a target for thieves. In addition, a second key finder can be used to hold all of your reward cards so that they too can be easily accessed when you need to retrieve them.

​Just like all of Pat’s beaded products, purse hooks and key finders can be designed with your favorite color/birthstone, hobby, etc. and also to match many of the patterns shown for other products on the website.